Finding suitable Israelites

There seems to be more reluctance to mix into the world society has put a spoke in the social empowerment of the Hebrew Israelites as we could call them basically because they speak the language of Hebrew which is also an official language of the House of Israel.

There are many Hebrew Israelite singles and who have to adhere to the law of the Torah in today’s society which done properly will not keep them away from enjoying a family life with one from the opposite sex.

This very socially strict taboo within this community has practically kept the common habit of Hebrew Israelites dating a thing that is normally heard of and does happen in this very closed and religiously knit society

The prevention or banned practice of inter faith marriages within the Hebrew Israelite populace has fermented animosity throughout the other communities that they live in and this has been a very grave issue for the none israelite authorities.

This has also placed strains within the Hebrew Israelite society too with women of the same society unable to comprehend as to where to find Hebrew Israelite men with the intention of marriage in mind with a similar predicament faced by Hebrew Israelite men as to where to find Hebrew Israelite woman.

Even if a Hebrew Israelite man would be able to find a proverbs 31 woman for himself which would be like looking for a needle in a haystack in some locations a Hebrew Israelite woman would be at wits end to find herself a compatible cover to tie the knot.

The strictures on dating has created this archaic problem which is based on very narrow minded religious beliefs of some which are happening in the world when allĀ  israelite people on this planet need to join hands and walk forward to solve the problems faced by humanity at large