Strain on marriages

Doctrines secular in nature in today’s society, tries to enforce strong religious beliefs on each other, then the hebraic rules whether it is a man on a woman or vice versa, is gradually breaking up at the seams with marriages not going the distance in many cases.

A Hebrew Israelite woman among many should not be of torment and abuse among other domestic violence, call to be rescued by the law which has created additional problems within  our society.

There are also certain instances where a Hebrew Israelite husband too would throw in the towel and conclude that enough is enough and break away from this society unable to take the tormenting experiences no more.

 Would sanity prevail?

There are many Hebrew Israelite men ready to get married but with a society that is living in the dark ages and without a proper dating system prevailing in that closed knit society things don’t look bright for them.

This does not only limit itself to men but Hebrew Israelite women are encountering the same problems within that same society and how this could be solved is anybody’s guess.

The radicalism is also creating other social problems within this society and with their relationships with other communities because when one community tries to force archaic principles on their own society living among other progressive thinking people it is a time bomb in the making.

All societies need to mix with each other if the world is to see a brighter 21st century ahead for all of us and for that we need to shed radicalism.