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March 21, 2019 Hebrew Israelite Couples

Hebrew Israelite is one of the small spiritual groups whose follower has the faith that they are descended from the 10 lost Israeli tribes. In 1960s this community consists of 5000 people, most of which live in Israel and Dimona. They believe their ancestors are from America Chicago and Africa who migrated towards Israel in 1960.

Some of them were Jewish but when they migrated the religious officials and state become the cause of their religion converts. In 2003 the remaining Hebrew Israelites who did not get the residency permits are now the permanent resident of the country. In 2009 the members of this community get the Israeli citizenship on a larger scale.

Religious believe:

The group of Hebrew Israelite believe that they are the ancestors of the melanated [black] Americans. You cannot have called them Jew as they believe they have come from the 12 tribes, not only from Judah. If they reject the religious form of Christianity and Judaism then they have the divine inspiration of the Tanakh.  Most of them adopt the lifestyle of Tanakh. However, this group do not accept the traditions of the Rabbinic Judaism like Talmud because it is inauthentic to the Hebrew religion. The role of the black Hebrew Israelite is to serve a light of gentiles. These black American were initially chosen by God to guide the ignorant people. Recently the a group of this community said that Hebrew is not only related to genealogy but it also involves spiritual behavior.