Match Making A Very Difficult Endeavor Among Hebrew Israelites

October 29, 2019 Uncategorized

Israelites Hebrews,  the Jews in proper form of the scriptures, and many other forms of address have been bestowed on the people of this particular part of the Middle East around Jerusalem and its whereabouts for centuries.

History records that they were nomads and had no fixed abode but with modernity creeping into world society it changed all that and their arch rivals who also live side by side in the same area of the world, the Arabs are also with a similar disposition in history.

The Israelites speak the Hebrew language though history records that Jesus Christ spoke the Aramaic language with his disciples and the interesting thing is that, most of the Holy Bible is written in the Hebrew language.

The inherent trait among the Israelites to keep their religious, ethnic, social, and communal identity as distinct as possible has to a certain extent alienated them in world society, which happened 80 to 90 years ago and the reason for their persecution during that era and continues to this day.

The State of Israel has some very strict codes of conduct on registering marriages and does not allow inter-marriages between different faiths of there are many hence this is one major aspect that is not allowing the mix of different communities and the fermenting of animosity even in the 21st century.


Bringing this doctrine across the seas to the United States

This confusing doctrine has been brought across the seas into the United States too, with Hebrew Israelite men and Hebrew Israelite women treading a very diverse path in their religious beliefs that is alienating them from the wider society of this country in some cases might not be a bad thing.

There are many single Hebrew Israelite men and single Hebrew Israelite women who tend to keep away from society because mixing together being considered anathema to their religious beliefs.

Such strong strictures are preventing women of other communities, who would like to mix finding it difficult to find the space as to how to date a Hebrew Israelite man, with the same issue being pertinent for men too, finding it difficult to comprehend as to how to date a Hebrew Israelite woman